OSS Projects

When I am not writing software professionally I sometimes write open-source software (OSS) as a hobby. Here I list projects I have worked on in the past or am currently working on.

Projects I maintain

Labrador Kennel

A well-tested, SOLID framework and applications built on top of Amp. Includes an asynchronous event emitter, a Plugin system for hooking into framework code, an HTTP application framework, and more. Aims to provide a comprehensive solution for building secure, scalable, asynchronous applications by applying lessons learned from a decade worth of web application development.


With a focus on integration testing AsyncUnit aims to be a well-tested, easy-to-use testing framework with first-class awareness of the Amp Loop. Utilizes PHP8 Attributes to compile your test suite information into a set of runnable test instructions. With the capacity to keep long-running connections to a database or HTTP server open, AsyncUnit is deal for your integration testing. It can be used in conjunction with amphp/phpunit-util or as both your unit and integration testing framework.


Configure your Dependency Injection containers with PHP8 Attributes! Reduce the amount of boilerplate code necessary to wire up an Auryn Injector and make your code more communicative by explicitly stating which classes are shared and which interfaces are aliased directly on the implementations. With the aim to provide Attributes for all exposed Auryn functionality and to introduce the power of Spring profiles, annotated-injector aims to be the easiest way yet to wire your complex object graphs.

Projects I've contributed to


I introduced the initial implementation of the AsyncTestCase found in this library. I collaborated with the Amphp team and iterated on an initial, rough version until we had something that was production ready! They have continued to improve upon the project, and it is the de facto unit testing framework for Amp.

Charles Sprayberry and his Labrador Retriever, Nick
Charles Sprayberry

A software engineer that likes writing open-source asynchronous PHP projects. When not writing software code I like to play video games, hike in the woods with my dog, spend time with my wife, and ride my motorcycle. Occasionally, I blog about these things. I'm currently a contractor working with the VENTURE.co team; primarily writing Java and Python. Opinions expressed are my own and not representative of my clients or employers.

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