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Getting back a lost domain

Dated: May 2nd, 2020

Or a tale of how I made a beginner mistake and lost cspray.net.

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The true and false value

Dated: August 26th, 2019
programming javascript

Recently my company deployed some application changes that exposed a flaw in a long-running part of the application that seemingly should not have been impacted by the changes that were made. Our application facilitates digital private placements and part of that process includes allowing investors to download a series of documents. Those documents weren't showing up in the UI though they were present in the database and in the response from the API. The problem was clearly in the JavaScript portion of our application and the entire team was anxious to get this fixed. After many hours of debugging and looking at data we finally discovered that a computation was being seen as both truthy and falsey at the same time.

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The Bedpan

Dated: March 10th, 2019

My mother has recently been diagnosed with terminal metastatic cancer of the liver. Over the past 3 weeks I have been doing everything within my power to make her remaining time on this earth as comfortable as possible. I gradually identified the highest priority aspects of her care and started improving them. The hardest aspect to improve is something that I take entirely for granted. Going to the bathroom.

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Charles Sprayberry and his Labrador Retriever, Nick
Charles Sprayberry

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