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Annotated Container v2.2

php annotated-container

A look at three features released with Annotated Container v2.2. Including container validation, the third supported container, and better developer experience with custom parameter stores.

Autowiring and Annotated Container

php annotated-container

I was recently asked my thoughts on autowiring and dependency injection on social media. This post is a deep dive into dependency injection autowiring with Annotated Container; how it is implemented, different solutions for autowiring with use cases, and future improvements to exposing the magic behind autowiring.

Introducing Annotated Container - Part 2

php annotated-container

Part 2 of a 3-part series introducing a dependency injection framework named Annotated Container. In this article, I go into detail how to solve three common problems working with Annotated Container; dealing with multiple aliases, injecting non-object values, and integrating with third-party services that can't be annotated.